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Unified Power Package (e360A)

Gray electrical enclosure with a hammond power solutions label and a cable exiting from the bottom.

Unified Power Package (e360A)

The Unified Power Package provides a transformer and associated hardware to replace the need for
a second, 120V single phase control power feed to the e-Series 230V or 460V heat pump. Projects with
208V main power service do not need this accessory to eliminate the secondary 120V power feed.

After installation, the transformer package will provide all power to the 120V control circuits in the heat
pump. The Unified Power Package is appropriate for heat pumps installed on three phase 230V or 460V
service. It is intended for installation within the cabinet of the heat pump, in a prescribed location.

This accessory should only be used if the main power feed has full capacity generator backup, ensuring power is uninterrupted during power outages, or if the heat pump is installed in a location that is otherwise protected from freezing conditions during power outages.

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