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About Nyle Water Heating Systems

Since 1977, Nyle has been pioneering heat pump technology in pursuit of a more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable energy system. Today, Nyle Water Heating Systems is the largest manufacturer of commercial heat pump water heaters in North America.

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Our products are already installed and are continuing to be installed on a variety of projects owned by some of the biggest brands in the nation.
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Proven Engineering

Nyle’s commitment to reliable technology, customer happiness, and a better future drives us to keep innovating, resulting in some of commercial water heating’s most important advancements — all manufactured here in the United States.

High-Temperature Water Heating

Our heat pump water heaters are unparalleled in heating capacity. Nyle heat pumps can reach high temperatures for water heating potable domestic water, as well as for industrial and space heating.
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Cold Climate Heat Pumps

We manufacture a range of air source heat pumps that can operate in cold temperatures and weather. Equipped with intelligent defrost and multi-stage freeze protection, many of the Nyle heat pump water heaters are ready to run even in the coldest of livable temperatures.
Take a look at the e360A

Modular Systems

Nyle’s range of water source heat pump water heaters offer a modular configuration that allows engineers and owners to fine tune to the capacity that they need, all within a minimal footprint.
Discover the C270 Modular system

High-Efficiency Single Pass Systems

We’re leading the way in creating a new standard for water storage systems. Nyle is promoting and paving the way for the wide-reaching adoption of single pass piping systems. Single pass configurations produce unmatched efficiency and demand responses.
See how Single Pass works

The Standard for Sizing Water Heating Systems

Nyle’s own Sizing Calculator has proven to be one of the most accurate water heating tools in the industry. With our Sizing Calculator, heat pump water heaters and water storage solutions are sized to be just right — not too big, not too small.
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Commitment to Sustainability

We seek to empower the HVAC industry with energy-efficient and environmentally safe solutions, propelling it forward into a sustainable future. We believe in heat pump technology’s ability to achieve that future and strive to make it the most cost-effective and approachable solution for commercial water heating.
Ready to achieve your sustainability goals?
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