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See the Magic Behind Nyle Heat Pump Technology

Join us in Bangor, Maine, for a unique one-day factory tour experience tailored specifically for engineers, contractors, and product representatives. Our tours run from June to September, on the second full week of each month.
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Tour Dates for the 2024 Season

Engineer-Focused Dates

Tuesday, June 11
Tuesday, July 9
Tuesday, August 13
Tuesday, September 10

Contractor-Focused Dates

Thursday, June 13
Thursday, July 11
Thursday, August 15
Thursday, September 12
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What to Expect

Embark on a journey through our facility and witness the intricate processes behind our heat pump systems. The tour includes:
  • Breakfast meet-and-greet
  • An introductory session about Nyle
  • Specialist training sessions in Heat Pump Technology or Sizing
  • A comprehensive factory tour showcasing our manufacturing and operational excellence
  • An opportunity for direct feedback during our product roundtable
  • Networking over lunch and dinner

Beyond the Tour

Maximize your visit with various team-building activities available in Maine. Check out our online resources for recommendations on how to enhance your trip.
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